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Table 1 Genes of A. baumannii strain ATCC 17978 inactivated in the present study.

From: A rapid and simple method for constructing stable mutants of Acinetobacter baumannii

Product Name Gene locationa Lengthb Locus tagc Accession number
Outer membrane protein (Omp33) 3789880 to 3790566 228 A1S_3297 YP_001086288.1
Transcriptional regulator SoxR 1547914 to 1548219 101 A1S_1320 YP_001084350.1
Transcriptional regulator OxyR 1150365 to 1151153 262 A1S_0992 YP_001084026.1
  1. aA. baumannii ATCC 17978 chromosomal coordinates for each gene.
  2. bThe length is expressed as number of amino acids.
  3. cBased on National Center for Biotechnology Information