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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: The small regulatory RNA molecule MicA is involved in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium biofilm formation

Strains Description Source or reference
Escherichia coli   
DH5α F- ϕ80ΔlacZM15 Δ(lacZYAargF) U169 deoP recA1 endA1 hsdR17 (rk- mk-) Gibco BRL
TOP10F' F' {lacIq Tn10(TetR)} mcrA Δ(mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC) ϕ80lacZΔM15 ΔlacX74 deoR recA1 araD139 Δ(ara-leu)7697 galU galK rpsL (StrR) endA1 nupG Invitrogen
Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium  
SL1344 xyl hisG rpsL; virulent; SmR [30]
CMPG5602 SL1344 ΔluxS - deletion of the entire luxS CDS [10]
CMPG5702 SL1344 luxS::KmR [14]
CMPG5630 SL1344 ΔluxS2 - deletion of the 3' end of luxS CDS This study
CMPG5628 SL1344 Δhfq This study
JVS-01028 SL1344 ΔrpoE::CmR [34]
CMPG5643 SL1344 ΔompA::KmR Phage lysate of J. Vogel
CMPG5648 SL1344 ΔlamB This study
pJV300 pZE12-luc based plasmid; PLlacO-rrnB terminator; short nonsense transcript; control plasmid; AmpR [35]
pJV871.14 pZE12-luc based plasmid; LT2 MicA overexpression construct; MicA transcription driven from constitutive PLlacO, starting precisely at G+1; AmpR [36]
pJV853.1 pZE12-luc based plasmid; LT2 anti-MicA expression construct; anti-MicA transcription driven from constitutive PLlacO; AmpR J. Vogel,
unpublished data
pKD3 Template for mutant construction; carries
chloramphenicol-resistance cassette; oriRγ origin; AmpR
pKD46 ParaB-γ-β-exo; temperature-sensitive lambda-red
recombinase expression plasmid; oriR101 origin; AmpR
pCP20 Temperature-sensitive FLP recombinase
expression plasmid; oriR101 origin; AmpR, CmR
pFAJ1708 Derivative of RK-2; AmpR; TcR; contains nptII promoter of pUC18-2 [32]
pCMPG5685 pFAJ1708 OmpA complementation construct This study
pCMPG5687 pFAJ1708 LamB complementation construct This study
pCMPG5638 pCS26-Pac plasmid carrying a transcriptional reporter fusion between the promoter of the lsrACDBFGE operon and luxCDABE [10]