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Table 1 V. parahaemolyticu s strains used in this study

From: Genetic analysis of the capsule polysaccharide (K antigen) and exopolysaccharide genes in pandemic Vibrio parahaemolyticus O3:K6

Strain Description*
VP53 Wild type
∆0220 Deletion of VP0220 (wbfF) in region B
∆0220 plus complementation ∆0220 trans-complemented with VP0220
∆CPS Deletion of VP0219-0237 in region B
∆VP215-218 Deletion of VP0215-0218 in region B
∆EPS Deletion of VPA1403-1406 in region C
∆EPS plus complementation ∆EPS trans-complemented with VPA1403-1406
∆EPS plus empty vector ∆EPS with pBBR1-MCS2 empty vector
wzabc Deletion of wza, wzb and wzc (VPA1602-1604) genes in region D
  1. *All mutants were derived from VP53.