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Table 2 Glutamate-dependent acid resistance of E. coli strains

From: Decrypting the H-NS-dependent regulatory cascade of acid stress resistance in Escherichia coli

Strain (relevant genotype) Glutamate-dependent acid resistance (% survival)
FB8 (wild-type) 0.1
BE1411 (hns::Sm) 51.7
BE2823 (hns::Sm ΔrcsB) < 0.001
BE2825 (hns::Sm ΔhdfR) 12.5
BE2826 (hns::Sm dps::Km) 20.1
BE2827 (hns::Sm rpoS) 27.5
BE2828 (hns::Sm yhiM::Km) 24.2
BE2829 (hns::Sm ΔevgA) 32.0
BE2831 (hns::Sm ydeP::Km) 35.6
BE2832 (hns::Sm ydeO::Km) 38.2
BE2830 (hns::Sm ΔaslB) 38.6
BE2837 (hns::Sm ΔadiY) 5.4
BE2939 (hns::Sm cadC1::Tn10) 58.1
  1. Data are the mean values of two independent experiments that differed by less than 20%.