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Table 7 BoNT DNA detection in spiked healthy infant stool and botulism clinical samples

From: Universal and specific quantitative detection of botulinum neurotoxin genes

Spiked healthy infant stool BoNT A + 5525
  BoNT B + 7179
  BoNT C + 234
  BoNT D + 187
  BoNT E + 4043
  BoNT F + 604
  BoNT G + 219
  None -
Stool sample from clinical infant botulism case BoNT A + 1650
  BoNT B -
  BoNT C -
  BoNT D -
  BoNT E -
  BoNT F -
  BoNT G -
  1. DNA extracted samples were tested by real time quantitative PCR (qPCR) for detection and copy number of each BoNT serotype. Shown are results from approximately 104 genomic copies of DNA into each spiked sample prior to DNA extraction. (+) indicates a positive result with BoNT DNA copy number indicated in brackets. (-) indicates no amplification.
  2. Listed in this table are the three conditions we tested for serotype-specific BoNT DNA from spiked healthy infant stool and a clinical sample of a confirmed case of infant botulism. For healthy infant stool, shown are results from samples spiked with BoNT DNA with 104 genomic equivalents. The clinical sample was run without dilution. (+) indicates a positive result and the copy number calculated from standard curves specific to each serotype is indicated in brackets. (-) indicates no amplification.