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Figure 4

From: A high-throughput cloning system for reverse genetics in Trypanosoma cruzi

Figure 4

Subcellular localization of Tc Rab7 and PAR 2 in T. cruzi using p Tc GW vectors. Fluorescence microscopy of epimastigotes transfected with GFPneo-CTRL, GFPneo-PAR2, GFPneo-Rab7, GFPhyg-PAR2 and CFPneo-Rab7. The merged frame was composed by "GFP" and "DAPI" images overlap. The DAPI frame in the last row was replaced by a frame containing the cyan fluorescence-Rab7 construct (*), in which a red signal was used. The "#" frame contains a merger of DAPI/GFPhyg-PAR2/CFPneo-Rab7.

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