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Table 6 Highly variable P. gingivalis genomic regions

From: The core genome of the anaerobic oral pathogenic bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis

Variable region Location Gene content of the region
Region 1 PG0109-PG0118 Capsular polysaccharide biosynthesis locus [27, 28]
Region 2 PG0814-PG0875 Potential pathogenicity island [28]. Many DNA mobilization proteins
Region 3 PG1435-PG1533 Potential pathogenicity island [28]. Many transposon related genes.
Region 4 PG0185-PG0187 Virulence associated ragA-ragB locus [46] highly variable in strains other than W83 and ATCC49417
Region 5 PG0456-PG0461 PHP domain protein, transposases
Region 6 PG0542-PG0546 transcriptional regulator, type 1 restriction modification gene
Region 7 PG0741-PG0742 PgaA and hypothetical protein
Region 8 PG1107-PG1113 Integrase/mobilization, hypothetical proteins
Region 9 PG1200-PG1206 Transcriptional regulator, DNA binding protein, hypothetical proteins
Region 10 PG2134-PG2136 Lipoproteins, hypothetical proteins