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Table 5 Non-core protease genes of P. gingivalis

From: The core genome of the anaerobic oral pathogenic bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis

GeneID Annotation Remark
PG0317 peptidase, M49 family Aberrant only in 34-4
PG1055 thiol protease Non-aberrant only in W83 and ATCC49417 (absent in FDC381)
PG1542 collagenase Aberrant in HG1691, 34-4 and FDC381
PG2024 hemagglutinin protein HagE Aberrant and absent only in HG1025
PG2115 protease PrtT, degenerate Non-aberrant only in W83
PG2185 transporter, putative Aberrant in HG184, HG1025 and FDC381