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Table 1 Plant-growth-promoting effects of Lu10-1 on mulberry seedlings.

From: Colonization of Morus alba L. by the plant-growth-promoting and antagonistic bacterium Burkholderia cepacia strain Lu10-1

Planting soil Days after inoculation Height (cm) Root fresh weight (g/plant) Seedling fresh weight (g/plant)
   Inoculated Control Inoculated Control Inoculated Control
Sterile soil 7 12.9a(a) 12.7a 0.032a 0.032a 0.104a 0.101a
  14 25.4a 18.8b 0.106a 0.071b 0.254a 0.195b
  21 31.5a 22.5b 0.121a 0.082b 0.311a 0.238b
Non-sterile soil 7 13.1a 13.0a 0.040a 0.032a 0.110a 0.109b
  14 24.4a 18.4b 0.107a 0.074b 0.244a 0.195b
  21 31.2a 22.2b 0.120a 0.080b 0.308a 0.236b
  1. (a) The same letters within a column mean that no significant differences exist between the numbers; the values are the means of all the seedlings sampled.