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Table 1 Strains and plasmids

From: Sialic acid transport and catabolism are cooperatively regulated by SiaR and CRP in nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae

Strain or plasmid Genotype, relevant phenotype or selection marker Source or reference
E. coli DH5α   Invitrogen
E. coli BL21 Star   Invitrogen
NTHi 2019 Clinical respiratory isolate [25]
JWJ091 NTHi 2019ΔcyaA mutant This study
JWJ093 NTHi 2019ΔcyaA ΔsiaR mutant, kanamycin resistant This study
JWJ112 NTHi 2019ΔcyaA ΔnanA mutant This study
JWJ114 NTHi 2019ΔcyaA ΔnagA mutant This study
JWJ116 NTHi 2019ΔcyaA ΔnagB mutant This study
JWJ118 NTHi 2019ΔcyaA ΔnanK mutant This study
JWJ120 NTHi 2019ΔcyaA ΔnanE mutant This study
JWJ159 NTHi 2019ΔcyaA mutant with 5 bp insertion between SiaR and Crp operators This study
JWJ160 NTHi 2019ΔcyaA ΔnagB mutant with 5 bp insertion between SiaR and Crp operators This study
pGEM-T Easy PCR-cloning vector Promega
pGEM-T PCR-cloning vector Promega
pCR2.1 PCR-cloning vector Invitrogen
pCR2.1_443 pCR2.1 with PCR fragment spanning This study
pUC19 General cloning vector New England Biolabs
pET-24(+) Expression vector Novagen
pUC19-142del nanA deletion construct This study
pUC19-142sacB nanA::tetR-sacB/kanR This study
pJJ150 siaR knockout vector [14]
pJJ185 C-terminal his-tagged SiaR expression vector [14]
pJJ260 tetR-sacB/kanRcassette  
pJJ276 C-terminal his-tagged CRP expression vector This study
pJJ279 cyaA deletion construct This study
pJJ290 cyaA::tetR-sacB/kanR This study
pJJ308 nagA deletion construct This study
pJJ309 nagB deletion construct This study
pJJ310 nanK deletion construct This study
pJJ311 nanE deletion construct This study
pJJ313 nagA::tetR-sacB/kanR This study
pJJ314 nagB::tetR-sacB/kanR This study
pJJ315 nanK::tetR-sacB/kanR This study
pJJ316 nanE::tetR-sacB/kanR This study
pJJ321 pCR2.1_443 with 5 bp deletion This study
pJJ331 pJJ321 with tetR-sacB/kanR This study