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Table 3 DD-carboxypeptidase activity of recombinant Lmo2812 using M5 muropeptide as the substrate

From: Identification of the full set of Listeria monocytogenes penicillin-binding proteins and characterization of PBPD2 (Lmo2812)

Reaction conditions M5 (%)a M4 (%)a
Lmo2812, M5, pH 4.5 97 3
Lmo2812, M5, Tris-Mg, pH 7.0 52 48
Lmo2812, M5, NaPi, pH 7.0 84 16
Control, M5, pH 7.0 99 1
  1. apercentage of muropeptides M5 (NAcGlc-NAcMur-pentapeptide) and M4 (NAcGlc-NAcMur-tetrapeptide) determined by HPLC analysis