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Table 2 Geometric means of Campylobacter titre (log10cfu/g) in faeces of broilers after 7 dpi with phage sensitive and phage resistant Campylobacter strains; (%) of resistant Campylobacter strains to the phage cocktail

From: The in vivo efficacy of two administration routes of a phage cocktail to reduce numbers of Campylobacter coli and Campylobacter jejuni in chickens

Campylobacter phage sensitivity Campylobacter titre (log10cfu/g) Resistant strains
Sensitive 6.55 nd
Resistant (a)* 6.50 13.8
Resistant (b)* 6.29 46
  1. *(a) Strains isolated from non-phage treated chickens and (b) Strains isolated from phage treated chickens