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Table 1 Twenty proteins constitute the common secretome of P. acnes.

From: Proteomic identification of secreted proteins of Propionibacterium acnes

Gene ID Updated annotation Protein family/domains/origin of closest ortholog Secretion signala Phylo-type Semi-quantificationb/comments
PPA0532 conserved hypothetical protein Corynebacterium SP, TAT IA, IB, III ++
PPA0533 conserved hypothetical protein Corynebacterium SP IA, IB, II, III +
PPA0534 conserved hypothetical protein Corynebacterium SP IA, IB +
PPA0598 putative protease peptidase S8/S53 superfamily;
SP, (TAT) IA, IB +
PPA0644 putative endo-glycoceramidase cellulase, glycoside hydrolase family 5; Corynebacterium (SP), TAT IA, IB, III ++/42% identity to PPA2106
PPA0687 CAMP2 CAMP factor superfamily; Mobiluncus curtisii, Streptococcus SP IA, IB, II, III +++
PPA0721 putative invasion-associated protein; NlpC/P60 family NlpC/P60 family;
Kribbella flavida, Streptomyces
SP, TAT IA, IB, II, III +++/NlpC/P60 is found in cell wall hydrolases
PPA0816 glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase GAPDH no IB, II, III +
PPA1310 putative protease PDZ superfamily;
Kribbella flavida, Streptomyces
Internal SP (wrong N-terminus) IA, IB, II, III +/PDZ is a signaling domain
PPA1498 putative phosphoesterase metallo-dependent phosphatase superfamily; Rhodococcus TAT IA, IB, II +
PPA1662 putative lysozyme CH-type (chalaropsis-type) lysozyme, glycoside hydrolase family 25; Streptomyces SP, TAT IB, II, III +++
PPA1715 hypothetical protein, specific to P. acnes   SP IA, IB +/17 PT repeats
PPA1939 hypothetical protein, specific to P. acnes   SP IA, IB, II, III +++
PPA2097 putative 5'-nucleotidase, metallo-phosphoesterase UshA (5'-nucleotidase/2',3'-cyclic phosphodiesterase and related esterases); Jonesia denitrificans SP, TAT IB, II +
PPA2105 triacylglycerol lipase lipase class 2, esterase/lipase superfamily; Rhodococcus SP IA, IB, II, III ++
PPA2106 putative endoglycoceramidase cellulase, glycoside hydrolase family 5; Nocardioides SP, (TAT) IA, IB, II, III +/42% identity to PPA0644
PPA2142 putative lysophospholipase alpha/beta-hydrolase superfamily, PldB; Corynebacterium SP, TAT IB, II +
PPA2164 putative beta-N-acetyl-glucosaminidase glycoside hydrolase family 3; Arthrobacter SP IA, IB, II ++
PPA2175 hypothetical protein, with SH3 and RlpA domains, specific to P. acnes SH3 (type 3) domain; peptidoglycan-binding domain; C-terminus: DPBB_1 (RlpA-like double-psi beta-barrel) SP, TAT IB, II +++/SH3: Src homology 3 domain
PPA2239 putative peptidase/glycosyl hydrolase DUF348 superfamily;
G5 domain; C-terminus: DPBB_1 (RlpA-like double-psi beta-barrel); Janibacter
SP IA, IB, II, III ++/G5: a potential N-acetylglucosamine recognition domain
  1. At least three of the five P. acnes strains secrete the listed proteins; see additional file 2 for a complete list of identified proteins. Re-annotation was performed for each gene. a SP, signal peptide; TAT, twin-arginine motif; b Semi-quantification based on Coomassie stained gels