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Table 3 Primer sequences and annealing temperatures for ail and foxA.

From: Possible use of ail and foxA polymorphisms for detecting pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica

Target gene and primer direction Primer Sequences (5'→ 3') GenBank no. Location (nt) Amplicon length Annealing temp.
ail Forward GGT TAT TGT ATT AGT ATT GTT M29945 446-466 585 bp 57°C
  Reverse CAG GTG GGT TTT CAC TAT CTG   1031-1051   
foxA Forward CTC TGC GGA AGA TAA CTA TG X60447 389-408 1532 bp 58°C
  Reverse ATC CGG GAA TAA ACT TGG CGT A   1899-1920