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Figure 4

From: Chromosomal instability in Streptomyces avermitilis: major deletion in the central region and stable circularized chromosome

Figure 4

Analysis of recombination point in fragment NA1. (A) Restriction maps of fragments involved in the recombination event in NA1. The 1.84-kb Pst I junction fragment resulted from fusion in opposite orientation of partially deleted 6.4-kb and 7.0-kb Pst I fragments from left and right chromosomal arms, termed A6.4 and D7.0 respectively. (B) Hybridization analysis of the Pst I fusion fragment. (C) Inverse PCR to obtain the left unknown sequence of 1.84-kb Pst I junction fragment. (D) The fusion sequence in NA1 joins the partial region of fragment A6.4 and D7.0 at a 5-bp overlapping sequence. Bold and non-bold fonts represent nucleotide sequences from fragment A6.4 and D7.0, respectively. Dashed lines represent deleted regions. Ps: Pst I. Primers 113 and 114 were used in inverse PCR. Primers 118 and 113 were used in PCR for amplifying fusion sequence.

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