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Figure 4

From: The role of iron uptake in pathogenicity and symbiosis in Photorhabdus luminescens TT01

Figure 4

Virulence of the ΔexbD and ΔyfeABCD mutants can be rescued by FeCl 3 . Overnight cultures were prepared and 1000 CFU of WT (diamonds), ΔexbD (squares) and ΔyfeABCD (triangles) were injected into 5th instar M. sexta larvae (open symbols) or larvae pre-injected with 10 μl of a solution containing 5 mM FeCl3 (filled symbols). The data shown is the mean of at least 2 independent experiments (with n = 10 insects/experiment). For clarity the standard deviations are not shown but these values were within expected limits (0-35%).

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