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Figure 4

From: A distinctive 'microbial signature' in celiac pediatric patients

Figure 4

TTGE profiles PLS-DA model. PLS-DA score plot of TTGE bands profiles from CD patients, during both active and inactive celiac disease, and controls. In brackets are the percentages of total variation of the dataset explained by the first two components PC1 and PC2. The major ellipse represents Hotelling's T2 range at 95% confidence for the entire dataset (T2dataset = 6.51), whilst minor ellipses represent Hotelling's T2 range at 95% confidence for every single group (T2active = 2.45, T2inactive = 1.88, T2control = 1.52). The predictability of PLS-DA model was 88%, with a Fisher's test P value of 5.3*10-8.

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