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Table 5 Classification error rates obtained by validation of supervised learning classifier tools (BLR and PLS-DA)

From: Escherichia coli phylogenetic group determination and its application in the identification of the major animal source of fecal contamination

E. coli strains sources Classifier tool Overall cross-validation error rate Overall test error rate
Humans and non-humans BLR 22.50% 24.93%
  PLS-DA 25.33% 27.53%
Humans and non-humans mammals BLR 22.09% 22.03%
  PLS-DA 22.09% 22.75%
Omnivorous and herbivorous mammals BLR 16.57% 16.67%
  PLS-DA 18% 17.39%
  1. The classification was carried out between human and animal samples, between humans and non-humans mammals and between omnivorous and herbivorous mammals