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Table 1 Organic carbon sources used in growth media reported in this paper.

From: Energy metabolism of Heliobacterium modesticaldum during phototrophic and chemotrophic growth

abbreviation Growth medium Carbon sources Reference
PMS pyruvate-mineral salt medium pyruvate (20 mM) [2]
PYE pyruvate-yeast extract medium pyruvate (phototrophic growth, 20 mM; chemotrophic growth, 40 mM), yeast extract (0.4%) [2]
YE yeast extract medium yeast extract (0.4%) [2]
AMS acetate-mineral salt medium acetate (40 mM), HCO3- (20 mM) [2] and this report
  hexose- and ribose-grown medium sugar (hexose or ribose, 40 mM), yeast extract (0.02%) [2] and this report