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Table 6 Primers used for Real-Time PCR

From: Effects of apples and specific apple components on the cecal environment of conventional rats: role of apple pectin

Target gene Forward primer (5'-3') Reverse primer (5'-3') Product size (bp) PCR Efficiency (%) Correlation coefficient (R2) Reference
Clostridium coccoides 16S aaa tga cgg tac ctg act aa ctt tga gtt tca ttc ttg cga a 440 97,8 0,998 [43]
Bifidobacterium 16S cgc gtc ygg tgt gaa ag ccc cac atc cag cat cca 244 93,0 0,995 [44]
Lactobacillus 16S agcagtagggaatcttcca caccgctacacatggag 341 98,6 0,998 [45, 46]
Bacteroides spp.16Sa cgg cga aag tcg gac taa ta acg gag tta gcc gat gct ta 360 100,1 0,997 This study
Butyryl-Coenzyme A gcn gan cat ttc acn tgg aay wsn tgg cay atg cct gcc ttt gca atr tcn acr aan gc 530 97,5 0,965 [21]
V2-V3 16S region (HDA)b act cct acg gga ggc agc agt gta tta ccg cgg ctg ctg gca c 200 113,7 0,991 [40]
  1. aThe bacteroides primer set was designed to amplify a segment of the DNA sequence represented by the highly homologous bands 4-7 in Table 5. bPCR for the HDA primer set was run in parallel for each set of primers for all samples.