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Figure 1

From: The impact of ColRS two-component system and TtgABC efflux pump on phenol tolerance of Pseudomonas putida becomes evident only in growing bacteria

Figure 1

Plate assay of phenol tolerance. Results of P. putida PaW85 (wt), colS-deficient (colS), colR-deficient (colR), ttgB-deficient (ttgB), ttgC-deficient (ttgC), colRttgB double mutant (colRttgB) and colRttgC double mutant (colRttgC) strains are presented. Approximately 1 × 105 cells were spotted onto solid medium and plates were incubated at 30°C for 48 hours. The minimal media contained either 10 mM glucose or 10 mM gluconate as the carbon source. Concentration of added phenol is indicated below the figures.

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