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Table 2 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study.

From: Brucella abortus ure2 region contains an acid-activated urea transporter and a nickel transport system

  Characteristics Reference
Brucella abortus   
2308 Virulent laboratory strain  
2308ΔureTp 2308 ureT polar mutant This work
2308ΔureT 2308 ureT non-polar mutant This work
2308ΔnikO 2308 nikO non-polar mutant This work
Escherichia coli   
DH5α Standard E. coli cloning strain [36]
S17-1 λ pir Mobilizing donor for conjugation [37]
pGEM-T Easy PCR cloning vector Promega
pRH016 Gateway shuttle vector [31]
pDS132 Suicide mobilizable plasmid [38]
pBBR1 MCS Broad-host-range plasmid [39]
pFJS225 U_ureT in pGEMT-Easy This work
pFJS226 D_ureT in pGEMT-Easy This work
pFJS227b ΔureT::aph in pDS132 This work
pFJS235 pUC4K with aphT This work
pFJS236 ΔureT in pGEMT-Easy This work
pFJS237 ΔnikO in pGEMT-Easy This work
pFJS238 ΔureT::aphT in pGEMT-Easy This work
pFJS239 ΔnikO::aphT in pGEMT-Easy This work
pFJS241b ΔureT::aphT in pDS132 This work
pFJS242b ΔnikO::aphT in pDS132 This work
pFJS243 ureT in pRH016 This work
pFJS244 nikO in pGEMT-Easy This work
pFJS245 nikO in pBBR1 MCS This work