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Table 3 List of phagosomal proteins identified by MS/MS post-infection with MAC 109 or 2D6 at different time points

From: Virulence-related Mycobacterium avium subsp hominissuis MAV_2928 gene is associated with vacuole remodeling in macrophages

   MAC 109 2D6 mutant
Protein Accession (h) (h)
Bacterial Uptake number 0.5 4 24 0.5 4 24
Complement c1q tumor necrosis factor related protein 5 Q9BXJ0 x x    x  
Complement receptor 2 P20023    x    
Macrophage receptor MARCO Q9UEW3 x x    x  
Pulmonary surfactant protein D P35247   x     
Scavenger receptor with C type Lectin type 1 Q9BYH7 x      
TNFRSF1A-associated via death domain/TRADD Q15628     x   
Tumor necrosis factor receptor member 1A/TNFRSF1A 1NCFA       x
Antigen Presentation & Recognition        
Integrin alpha 1 P56199     x   
Integrin alpha IIb P08514       x
MHC class I Q95ID4       x
MHC class II I54427       x
Rab Interacting        
EEA1 Q15075       x
Peroxin 5-related protein Q81YB4 x    x   
Rabaptin 5 Q15276       x
Cytoskeletal Proteins & Motors        
Alpha actin P62736     x   
Ankyrin 1 Q6S8J3     x   
Beta actin Q96B34 x    x   
E-MAP-115 Q14244      x  
Keratin, type II cytoskeletal I P04264 x    x   
Kinesin/KIF3 O14782       x
Kinesin family member 26A Q8TAZ7 x      
L-plastin P13796    x x   
Myosin heavy chain non-muscle type A P35579     x   
Myosin X with ATPase activity Q9HD67     x x  
RHOC P08134     x   
TCP-1 zeta P40227     x   
Tubulin alpha Q71U36 x    x   
Tubulin alpha 2 Q13748 x      
Tubulin alpha 3 Q71U36 x      
Tubulin beta 2 P07437 x    x   
Proteins in Biosynthetic Pathways        
ABC transporter 2 Q9BZC7 x      
ADP-ATP translocase P05141     x   
Aldoketo-reductase 3 Q9UFE1      x  
ALG12 Q9BV10   x     
ATP synthase P06576   x x    
Fatty acid synthase P49327   x x    
Fatty acid transporter member 1 Q6PCB7 x      
GAPDH P04406    x    
Phosphatidyl inositol glycan class T Q92643    x    
IMP dehydrogenase P12268     x   
K-Cl co-transporter T17231       x
Mitochondrial dicarboxylate carrier Q9UBX3     x   
Neutral amino acid transporter Q15758     x   
NUAK family, SNF1-like kinase 1 O60285      x  
PI4KII Q9BTU6   x     
Pyruvate kinase PS00110 x    x   x
Ribophorin II Q5JYR7    x    
Trehalose precursor O43280     x   
Transcriptional Regulators        
Lysine-specific histone demethylase 1 O60341   x     
CRSP complex subunit 2 O60244    x    
CREB binding protein Q75MY6       x
DEAH box polypeptide 9 Q08211     x   
IFI 16 Q16666   x     
Msx2-interacting protein Q96T58      x  
p-100 co-activator/SND1 Q7KZF4      x  
p-300/CBP associated factor Q92831   x     
Zinc finger & BTB domain containing protein 4 Q9P1Z0   x     
Zinc finger protein 588 Q9UII5   x     
Zinc finger protein 43 P17038 x      
60 S acidic ribosomal protein P2 P05387     x   
60 S ribosomal protein L6 Q02878 x    x   
60 S ribosomal protein L9 P32969     x   
60 S ribosomal protein L14 P50914 x      
Proteins Interacting with Signal Proteins        
cAMP-specific 3',5'-cyclic phospho-diesterase Q08493 x      
Calcium & lipid binding protein/NLF2 388125 x      
Chondroitin sulfate synthase 3 Q86Y52       x
CXC3C membrane-associated chemokine P78423     x   
Doublecortin & CaM kinase like-3 Q9C098     x   
Dystrobrevin alpha Q9Y4J8       x
Golgin subfamily A member 5 Q8TBA6       x
Microtubule associated-Ser/The kinase 3 O60307       x
Protein kinase A anchoring protein 9 Q99996   x     
Protein kinase N Q8NF44   x     
Serine/theonine kinase 16 Q5U0F8    x    
TER ATPase P55072     x   
Ion Channels        
Amiloride-sensitive cation channel Q96FT7      x  
Voltage dependent-N-type calcium channel alpha 1B subunit Q00975       x
Voltage dependent-T-type calcium channel alpha 1I subunit Q9P0X4       x
Other Proteins        
AFG3 like protein 2 Q9Y4W6       x
APBB1 O00213     x   
Astrotactin 2 O75129   x     
Apoptotic chromatin-condensation inducer in the nucleus Q9UKV3      x  
Clathrin heavy chain 1 Q00610     x   
Ephrin B3 Q15768 x      
48 kda histamine receptor subunit peptide 4 AAB34251    x    
HSP 60 P10809     x   
HSP 90 P07900     x   
Importin alpha 2 P52292     x   
Interferon regulatory factor 6 O14896       x
LRCH4/Ligand binding receptor O75427       x
NADPH oxidase activator 1 Q2TAM1       x
Protein disulfide-isomerase A6 P07237 x    x   
p-53-associated parkin-like cytoplasmic protein/PARC Q8IWT3      x  
Serine protease inhibitor Q9NQ38   x     
Vitrin Q6UX17       x
14-3-3 protein/Tyrosine 3-monoxygenase P62258     x   
Proteins with Unknown Function        
Hypothetical protein DKFZp434A128 T34567       x
Hypothetical protein LOC136288 Q8NEG2       x
Hypothetical protein KIA1783 Q96JP2       x
Hypothetical protein KIAA1783 Q96JP2       x
Hypothetical protein FLJ32795 Q96M63      x  
Hypothetical protein FLJ42875 Q8N6L5      x  
Hypothetical protein FLJ45491 Q6ZSI8    x    
Hypothetical protein DKFZp434G131 Q9H0H4   x     
Hypothetical protein FLJ46534 Q6ZR97 x      
Hypothetical protein FLJ00361 Q8NF40 x      
  1. Complemented 2D6 mutant had similar results to the wild-type bacterium. Y = Yes; N = No