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Figure 1

From: A glutamine-amidotransferase-like protein modulates FixT anti-kinase activity in Sinorhizobium meliloti

Figure 1

Characterization of the S. meliloti mutant strain (GMI401) escaping FixT repressor activity. Panel A : We monitored microoxic expression of a fixK-lacZ fusion carried by the reporter plasmid pMF457 in S. meliloti. pMF10 allows constitutive expression of fixT, pMF11 is a negative control (fixT cloned in the antisense orientation). 1 : wild-type strain GMI211(pMF457)(pMF11); 2 : wild-type strain GMI211(pMF457)(pMF10); 3 : mutant strain GMI401(pMF457)(pMF10); 4 : mutant strain GMI401 (pMF457) (pMF11); 5 : transductant strain GMI401(pMF457); 6 : transductant strain GMI401(pMF457)(pMF10). Panel B : In planta phenotype of the wild-type GMI211 (pMF10) and mutant strain GMI401 (pMF10). Medicago sativa seedlings were inoculated with the bacterial strains and grown for 3 weeks on medium lacking any nitrogen source.

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