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Figure 5

From: Mouse skin passage of a Streptococcus pyogenes Tn917 mutant of sagA/pel restores virulence, beta-hemolysis and sagA/pel expression without altering the position or sequence of the transposon

Figure 5

Virulence of wild type isolate CS101 (square) and the isogenic β-hemolysis negative sagA/pel mutant, CS101 sagA/pel::Tn917 (circle) and a β-hemolytic kidney recovered CS101 pel::Tn917 KR sagA/pel mutant variant (triangle). Groups of 10 outbred CD1 mice were injected with 1 × 109 cfu into a skin air sack. Time to death was monitored and statistical significance was determined by use of Student's t test (wt vs. sagA/pel::Tn917 p = 0.54; sagA/pel::Tn917 vs. KR p = 0.018).

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