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Figure 4

From: Identification of two Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv ORFs involved in resistance to killing by human macrophages

Figure 4

Map of the M. tuberculosis H37Rv DNA integrated in the sur2 genome. The integrated 4 kb cosmid is between the two attachment sites, attL and attR. The 4.4 kb Pst I fragment of sur2 is indicated by the two Pst I sites. The 1,106 bp M. tuberculosis H37Rv genomic DNA insert contains two ORFs designated Rv0365c and Rv0366c [Reference 23]. The arrows indicate the direction of transcription. Arrows are color coded according to annotations found on the TubercuList server light green (unknown), brown (conserved), yellow (intermediary metabolism), light blue (regulatory), gray (virulence), red (information pathway), dark green (cell wall process), black (lipid metabolism), and dark blue (stable RNA).

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