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Table 1 Characterisation of monoclonal antibodies. The antibodies were tested by ELISA using OMPs from both CDM-Fe and CDM+Fe grown bacteria. The antibody which shows 1.0 or more than 1.O OD value with CDM-Fe OMPs were selected as an antibody against IROMPs of A. baumannii and used for subsequent experiments.

From: Monoclonal antibodies against the iron regulated outer membrane Proteins of Acinetobacter baumannii are bactericidal

Monoclonal ELISA Ig Isotype Titre in ELISA
Antibodies Fe- Fe+   
2G9ABIR 2.762 .141 IgM 1:100
3D5ABIR 2.722 .135 IgM 1:3200
5D6ABIR 3.093 .562 IgM 1:100
1D11ABIR 2.925 .615 IgM 1:8000
1F7ABIR 2.975 .412 IgM 1:800
Preimmune sera .452 .458 - 1:200