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Table 1 Expression of mtnK::lacZ transcriptional fusions.

From: MtnK, methylthioribose kinase, is a starvation-induced protein in Bacillus subtilis

   β-galactosidase Activity (U mg-1 of protein)
Medium useda Strain No MTR added MTR added
ED1 minimal medium BFS1850b 1550 1650
methionine BFS1850 1275 1250
isethionate BFS1850 1800 1700
coenzymeM BFS1850 1400 1370
taurine$ BFS1850 5000 4600
proline$ BFS1850 2800 2600
xylose + ammonium$ BFS1850 6500 ND
xylose$ BFS1850 3400 ND
ED1 minimal medium BSHP1850c 1660 1700
methionine BSHP1850 1350 1300
  1. a. for the β-galactosidase activity assay the bacteria were grown in the ED minimal medium as standard conditions. When another one replaced one of these glutamine, glucose and MgSO4 components, only that change is indicated (for concentrations see Materials and Methods). b. BFS1850 = mtnK::lacZ c. BSHP1850 = speD::spc mtnK::lacZ $. starvation conditions