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Table 1 NLV primers and references

From: Gastroenteritis outbreaks associated with Norwalk-like viruses and their investigation by nested RT-PCR

Primer   Primer Sequence Primer Reference
A* Outer + 5'-ATA CCA CTA TGA TGC AGA TTA-3' JV12 [3]
B Outer- 5'-CGA TTT CAT CAT CAC CAT A-3' SM31 [18]
C Inner + 5'-GAA TTC CAT CGC CCA CTG GCT-3' N1 [17]
D Inner- 5'-ATC TCA TCA TCA CCA TA-3' E3 [17]
  1. First round primers A+B yielded a product of 333 bp. Second round nested primers C+D yielded a product of 114 bp.