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Figure 2

From: Evidence that the RNAseH activity of the duck hepatitis B virus is unable to act on exogenous substrates

Figure 2

DHBV RNAseH activity is unable to act on exogenous substrates. Permeabilized DHBV core particles and core particles containing P mutants D715V and YMHA were used in the RNAseH assays, and the products were resolved on a 6% denaturing polyacrylamide gel. + indicates a complementary oligonucleotide was included in the reaction; - indicates that an oligonucleotide was the same polarity as the template was included in the reaction; RNAseH indicates E. coli RNAseH; 'No core' indicates the DHBV cores were omitted from the reaction. The sizes of the substrate (265 nt) and its cleavage products (152 nt and 93 nt) are marked with arrows.

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