Applied microbiology

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This section aims to publish studies relating to the application of microbiology, including environmental applications, soil degradation and bioremediation, food safety and degradation, and probiotics.

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  1. Research article

    Bacterial communities and metabolic activity of faecal cultures from equol producer and non-producer menopausal women under treatment with soy isoflavones

    Isoflavones are polyphenols with estrogenic activity found mainly in soy and soy-derived products that need to be metabolised in the intestine by the gut bacteria to be fully active. There is little knowledge ...

    Lucía Guadamuro, Anja B. Dohrmann, Christoph C. Tebbe, Baltasar Mayo and Susana Delgado

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:93

    Published on: 17 April 2017

  2. Methodology Article

    Discrimination of three genetically close Aspergillus species by using high resolution melting analysis applied to indoor air as case study

    Indoor air pollution caused by fungal contamination is suspected to have a public health impact. Monitoring of the composition of the indoor airborne fungal contaminants is therefore important. To avoid proble...

    Xavier Libert, Ann Packeu, Fabrice Bureau, Nancy H. Roosens and Sigrid C. J. De Keersmaecker

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:84

    Published on: 4 April 2017

  3. Research article

    Purification, characterization and amino acid content of cholesterol oxidase produced by Streptomyces aegyptia NEAE 102

    There is an increasing demand on cholesterol oxidase for its various industrial and clinical applications. The current research was focused on extracellular cholesterol oxidase production under submerged ferme...

    Noura El-Ahmady El-Naggar, Sahar F. Deraz, Hoda M. Soliman, Nehal M. El-Deeb and Nancy M. El-Shweihy

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:76

    Published on: 29 March 2017

  4. Research article

    Prevalence, virulence factor genes and antibiotic resistance of Bacillus cereus sensu lato isolated from dairy farms and traditional dairy products

    B. cereus are of particular interest in food safety and public health because of their capacity to cause food spoilage and disease through the production of various toxins. The aim of ...

    James Owusu-Kwarteng, Alhassan Wuni, Fortune Akabanda, Kwaku Tano-Debrah and Lene Jespersen

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:65

    Published on: 14 March 2017

  5. Researc article

    Rapid detection of carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae strains derived from blood cultures by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS)

    Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE), particularly carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates, are important causative agents of nosocomial infections associated with significant mortality...

    Christina Sakarikou, Marco Ciotti, Camilla Dolfa, Silvia Angeletti and Cartesio Favalli

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:54

    Published on: 8 March 2017

  6. Research article

    Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility of Escherichia coli O157 in beef at butcher shops and restaurants in central Ethiopia

    Ethiopia bears the largest burden of foodborne diseases in Africa, and diarrheal diseases are the second leading causes of premature deaths. Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157 causes an asymptomatic infectio...

    Ashenafi Feyisa Beyi, Akafete Teklu Fite, Ephrem Tora, Asdesach Tafese, Tadele Genu, Tamirat Kaba, Tariku Jibat Beyene, Takele Beyene, Mesula Geloye Korsa, Fanos Tadesse, Lieven De Zutter, Bruno Maria Goddeeris and Eric Cox

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:49

    Published on: 3 March 2017

  7. Research article

    Bacterial and fungal core microbiomes associated with small grain silages during ensiling and aerobic spoilage

    Describing the microbial populations present in small grain silage and understanding their changes during ensiling is of interest for improving the nutrient value of these important forage crops. Barley, oat a...

    Lysiane Duniere, Shanwei Xu, Jin Long, Chijioke Elekwachi, Yuxi Wang, Kelly Turkington, Robert Forster and Tim A. McAllister

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:50

    Published on: 3 March 2017

  8. Research article

    Microbial survey of ready-to-eat salad ingredients sold at retail reveals the occurrence and the persistence of Listeria monocytogenes Sequence Types 2 and 87 in pre-packed smoked salmon

    As the preparation of salads involves extensive handling and the use of uncooked ingredients, they are particularly vulnerable to microbial contamination. This study aimed to determine the microbial safety and...

    Man Ling Chau, Kyaw Thu Aung, Hapuarachchige Chanditha Hapuarachchi, Pei Sze Valarie Lee, Pei Ying Lim, Joanne Su Lin Kang, Youming Ng, Hooi Ming Yap, Hyun-Gyun Yuk, Ramona Alikiiteaga Gutiérrez and Lee Ching Ng

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:46

    Published on: 28 February 2017

  9. Research article

    Antimicrobial structure activity relationship of five anthraquinones of emodine type isolated from Vismia laurentii

    Antimicrobial activity of anthraquinone compounds of emodine type has been reported by many authors. These compounds are found in Vismia laurentii (Clusiaceae), a plant used in traditional pharmacopoeia for treat...

    Gislaine Aurelie Kemegne, Pierre Mkounga, Jean Justin Essia Ngang, Sylvain Leroy Sado Kamdem and Augustin Ephrem Nkengfack

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:41

    Published on: 22 February 2017

  10. Research article

    Determination of antibacterial activity and minimum inhibitory concentration of larval extract of fly via resazurin-based turbidometric assay

    Antimicrobial resistance is currently a major global issue. As the rate of emergence of antimicrobial resistance has superseded the rate of discovery and introduction of new effective drugs, the medical arsena...

    Chien Huey Teh, Wasi Ahmad Nazni, Ab Hamid Nurulhusna, Ahmad Norazah and Han Lim Lee

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:36

    Published on: 16 February 2017

  11. Research article

    Diffusible substances from lactic acid bacterial cultures exert strong inhibitory effects on Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis in a co-culture model

    Food-borne infections cause huge economic and human life losses. Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis are among the top ranking pathogens causing such losses. Control of such infecti...

    Solomon H. Mariam, Nigus Zegeye, Abraham Aseffa and Rawleigh Howe

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:35

    Published on: 15 February 2017

  12. Research article

    Decision criteria for MALDI-TOF MS-based identification of filamentous fungi using commercial and in-house reference databases

    Several Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight mass spectrometry protocols, which differ in identification criteria, have been developed for mold and dermatophyte identification. Currently,...

    Anne-Cécile Normand, Carole Cassagne, Magali Gautier, Pierre Becker, Stéphane Ranque, Marijke Hendrickx and Renaud Piarroux

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:25

    Published on: 31 January 2017

  13. Researc article

    Occurrence of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in cattle feces and contamination of carcass and various contact surfaces in abattoir and butcher shops of Hawassa, Ethiopia

    Despite of the sanitation measures in municipal abattoirs to reduce contamination, Escherichia coli continues to be a health hazard. The present study was conducted on 150 apparently healthy slaughtered cattle at...

    Biruhtesfa Atnafie, Degmawi Paulos, Mesele Abera, Genene Tefera, Dereje Hailu, Surafel Kasaye and Kebede Amenu

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:24

    Published on: 25 January 2017

  14. Research article

    Dietary pea fiber increases diversity of colonic methanogens of pigs with a shift from Methanobrevibacter to Methanomassiliicoccus-like genus and change in numbers of three hydrogenotrophs

    Pea fiber (PF) is a potential fibrous supplement in swine production. The influence of dietary PF on microbial community in the colon of pigs remains largely unexplored. Methanogens in the hindgut of monogastr...

    Yuheng Luo, Hong Chen, Bing Yu, Jun He, Ping Zheng, Xiangbing Mao, Gang Tian, Jie Yu, Zhiqing Huang, Junqiu Luo and Daiwen Chen

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:17

    Published on: 17 January 2017

  15. Research article

    Evaluation of the line probe assay for the rapid detection of bacterial meningitis pathogens in cerebrospinal fluid samples from children

    The aim of this study is to compare the diagnostic performance of the line probe assay (LPA) with conventional multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for Streptococcus pneumoniae as well as real-time PCR for N...

    Ahmet Soysal, Demet Gedikbasi Toprak, Salih Türkoğlu and Mustafa Bakir

    BMC Microbiology 2017 17:14

    Published on: 11 January 2017

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